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We offer a wide variety of backgrounds
Known for having a great selections of customization options
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Customize your device to make it your own
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The Most Features

BlissROM offers the most features of any other rom available. You could spend the next few months trying out features, and still have more to go.

Open Source Goodness

BlissROM is Open-Source, and we are constantly developing and trying out new features within the rom. If it's a wild ride you're looking for, try our Nightlies

Easy to Customize

BlissROM keeps everything nice and tidy by embedding all of our features within the settings dialog, and not making them all seperate apps that clutter your app drawer.

More Devices

More Devices

BlissROM's offers a wide variety of devices to choose from, so no matter what you are using, you can use our wonderful ROM.



BlissROM is a one stop shop for all your phones features. We offer so much that many of our users don't even use Xposed.

Bootstrap 3

Best of Show

When comparing all the ROM options available, BlissROM always stands out from the crowd in features, compatibility, and stability.


More Options

If you find an option out there, chances are if you Google it, you will find that BlissROM's has it.

Be the first one on your block get your BlissROM on!!