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We are currently accepting developer and maintainer applications!

Interested in Joining Team Bliss?

There are two (2) types of team members

1. Team Bliss Developer
A developer for Team Bliss has a clear understanding of code and knows how to integrate code of their own and integrate code from outside sources. A developer would also be able to debug and work through code and/or build errors.

2. Team Bliss Maintainer
A maintainer is someone who has a clear understanding of how to build roms from existing code.  This type of team member would build official builds for their device.  They would also support a forum on XDA for their users.

If any of these descriptions sound like your knowledge base please apply to join Team Bliss
Application for Team Bliss Developer
Application for Team Bliss Maintainer

Please allow sufficient time for review of your application.

Team Bliss