Device Downloads

We support a wide variety of devices

Notice: Only builds from here are officially supported by us. Any other builds you find elsewhere is not distributed or maintained by the Bliss team.


Bliss Alpha Downloads

              Bliss Official Downloads (no builds yet..)


Please ask your maintainer to upload builds to the official repository, instead of AFH or any other alternatives they may have found. Thanks!

Bliss-x86Bliss-x86 Builds

   These builds are for your PC, laptop, Windows tablet, or as a virtual machine if you so desire. These builds will include OpenGapps Pico as well, because recovery is not included.

(Compatible with most Intel CPU/GPU lineups. AMD chipset support is limited, but in development.)

Instructions for installing and updating Bliss-x86 builds can be found here: Bliss-x86 Install Instructions

Remember to check our Gerrit for open commits here: Bliss-x86 Source

Credits: This project gives a huge thanks to all the developers on the Android-x86 project and Jide for the bulk of the work, Also thanks to gpandcb for all his help as well.