Bliss OS

An Open-Source OS, based on Android, that works on

Most Intel/x86
PCs, Tablets & Laptops
Most Android
Most Android

About Bliss OS

Our focus is to bring the Open Source community a quality OS that can run as a daily driver, syncing your apps, settings and customizations across all platforms you run Bliss on.

Bliss OS comes with a wide selection of customization options, functions, and is even themable out of the box using rootless Substratum. With so many options available, you will soon find out why we call it Bliss.


Bliss OS - For Phones and Tablets

This is the Bliss you have all come to know and love for your phones and tablets.
Our list of supported devices is constantly changing, so make sure you check our Maintainers section to see if your device is supported.

Maintainers Section

Devices: axon7, bacon, bullhead, clark, hammerhead, hydrogen, kenzo, kiwi, mako, marlin, oneplus2, shamu, victara, warp4

Bliss Device Downloads

Bliss OS x86 - For PCs and Laptops

This is a newer spin on Bliss for your PCs, Laptops, Tablets, x86 maker boards or just about any device that uses UEFI boot.

Compatible with PCs, MacBooks & Chromebooks equipped with CPUs from Intel, AMD, nVidia, Qualcomm, etc. & Intel, AMD, Nvidia graphic cards. Bootable on all PCs (Legacy/CSM/MBR/GPT/UEFI/Mac)

XDA Thread System Downloads

We currently offer an easy installer for Windows PCs (UEFI olny)

UEFI Windows Installer

(Preview shown using DNA Dark - Substratum theme)


Bliss OS x86 will no longer provide a 32-bit ISO image download for the community. If you have a project that needs 32-bit support, please contact us to let us know about it, or if you are looking to hire us for commercial development on a project, reach us at . Otherwise, feel free to use our XDA Thread for continued free support on all previous releases

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Our Team

It takes alot of talent to make a team run this smoothly.
Here are the people that help make it Bliss

About Bliss Family

We are a team of designers, developers, maintainers, and business professionals who work together to help achieve the dreams of our teammates and the Android Community. Our goal is to help provide a unique learning environment, using the FOSS mentality, and not only train people how to make and monetize what they aspire to, but also help provide unique business opportunities for new and already existing projects as well.

If you are interested in joining our ROM or Management team, please fill out the form found here:

Join Team Bliss

Or if you represent an already existing project and would like to join the Bliss Family, please fill out a form by clicking the Join Bliss Family button below

Bliss and Business

Here at Bliss, we tend to think outside the box. We like challenges, and we like the kind of projects that are an answer to the needs of the world. We are much more than just a ROM team, We are a make your dreams come true team. 

With all the experience we have throughout our team, we are always thirsty for a good challenge. 
To help you see the width of what we can do, here's just a small few of the types of projects we work on. 

  • Android Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • IOT Software Development
  • Server Admin
  • Prototype Design
  • Animation
  • Brand Imaging
  • Commercial Android Development
  • Development Training
  • Design Training
  • Team Management
  • Marketing
  • Product Technology Strategy
  • New Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • OEM Software Resources
  • Custom Android Branding

Bliss Studios does offer consultation and commercial development services in all above areas, and many more. For inquiries, please send email to and let us help your dreams come true too.

We are currently in the process of moving into a new era of Bliss. As a ROM team, we worked together to overcome some of the hardest obstacles that a ROM team could face. And in doing so, we have grown and acted as an example to other teams. This growth allowed us to evolve into a family of ROM teams, helping to support one another in our innovative efforts, and inspire work from other community members in the process.

This growth allowed us to see many of the needs our fellow community members had, and sparked an idea to allow us all to succeed in the future. This inspired us to start our journey into making that happen, and we have turned Bliss Family of ROMs into a nonprofit corporation, with the intent to enable the development community like never before.

Our Bliss Family projects include applications, ports, ROMs, API's, services, and forks of other projects. Most if not all of our Bliss Family projects will be Open Source, allowing us to truly give back to the community as a team.

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Bliss Family Projects

The Bliss Family projects we currently support can be found below:

Invictrix ROM


Invictrix ROM emphasizes performance, offering heavy optimizations along with a unique dark themed style.


Xperia Style ROM, AOSP/CAF

XOSP offers the unique stylings of Sony's "Xperia" line to AOSP/CAF devices, combining open-source innovation with proven design and quality.

Xtremis Project

Chrome OS ROM

Currently pre-release, this project is progressing steadily and will soon have more details to share. Please check in later.

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