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We are a U.S.A. Federal 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that aims to build and maintain various operating systems and software projects for the purposes of community growth and development. Our team of talented individuals comprise to provide training, development opportunities, build servers, download servers, design and development software, and design opportunities. Team Bliss memborship includes professionals and mentors in all fields related to Android development. Our services and source code is open to the public and provided at no cost.

What are we aiming to accomplish?

Our goal is to mentor and teach those interested in Android development. We have a large global community that is available to coach or answer questions about development, design, animation, etc. almost any time. We offer a stress free working environment, as well as the tools when resources allow us to do so, to help guide someone on the Android development path. We also provide them the tools to learn how to monetize their skills along the way.

Can you tell me more about these mentorships and opportunities?

We take on applicants and work with them to learn more about Android Development. We have many mentors available to help in all areas, from ROM development, App development, Design & Layout, as well as kernel development.

Each potential applicant is selected based on their want to learn and their ability to work with others, so we do require a bit of a background, or at least a very convincing argument.


Not everyone has access to development hardware

Many people across the globe do not have access or are not able to afford the latest and greatest technology in order to learn how to develop with, then alone practice what they have learned. In order to help fill that gap, we are partnering with Legacy-Server in order to provide build-server access when resources are available, and help reach the dreams of those that aren't able to access all the needed tools.

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We believe in full transparency, but we do not believe this transparency should come at a cost to our supporters. This is why we submit a yearly 990 form to the IRS. If you are interested in looking into that or any other information we submit, feel free to visit our page. If you are interested in looking into any other nonprofit open-source projects or ROMs, they can also be found on Guidestar as long as things are all on the up and up.


Guidestar does allow users to view the financial info for each nonprofit, but for those who don't want to give yet another site their personal info, we have posted our statements below


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We are open to the public, and accepting applications now for volunteer only positions (internships coming soon). We are accepting people in small managable groups while we grow, and we tend to lean towards the type of people that want to learn and grow with Bliss Family of ROMs. Bliss provides the tools, knowledge and the mentorship needed to help bring your development dreams to reality, and all we ask in return is a minimum contribution towards Bliss ROM while you learn and grow in your strengths.
If you're an individual and would like to apply to join our team, please use the button below     

Got a great project but having trouble getting things off the ground? Or maybe you are looking to gain a few more people to help you out on it. Whatever your situation is, you can submit your project below for a chance to include it as a Bliss Family project.      

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Bliss Family Projects

The Bliss Family projects we currently support can be found below:

Invictrīx ROM


Invictrīx ROM emphasizes performance, offering heavy optimizations along with a unique dark themed style.

Xtremis Project

Chrome OS ROM

Currently pre-release, this project is progressing steadily and will soon have more details to share. Please check in later.


SixOpenAndroidProject ROM, AOSP

SOAP is an AOSP ROM that focuses on being a slim and clean ROM.